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Here's How Masking Tape Can Completely Transform a Room

All you need is a ruler and some paint

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By now you have probably seen just how versatile something like tape can be! Yes, it may not seem like it at first, but you can use different kinds of tape for everything from creating unique patterns in your bathroom to getting that perfect paint line for your accent wall!

But there are even more ways to use tape that you might not know about, such as this renter-friendly home hack for making your walls stunning with just a bit of tape!


This home hack comes to us from TikTok creator Amara who tells us that she wanted to try out something she had read about that was both renter-friendly and damage-free but still looked awesome. And yes, that is a thing, so don’t worry!

So what exactly did she try? Well, it has to do with some masking tape and an idea! You see, masking tape is already used to make sure that you aren’t damaging whatever is underneath, such as when you are painting lines but don’t want to pull up what you’ve already painted. That makes it perfect for when you are trying to make something look nice without leaving a trace once your tape is pulled up!

Best of all, there are a ton of different kinds of masking tape nowadays, often with gorgeous designs! This is exactly what Amara did - she found a lovely design that she liked and simply taped off her wall in sections. It’s sort of like a cute piece of wallpaper without having to scrape and scrub off tons of gunk when trying to remove it after you’re done!

She also offers this pro tip if and when you do need to remove the tape: simply use a blow dryer on a low setting and blow it on the sections of tape before you remove it! The heat helps loosen up the glue and makes peeling a breeze.