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Here's Your Nifty Measuring Tape Hack For The Day

You learn something new every day!

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When it comes to home improvement, DIY, and anything else in said sphere, it seems like there is a never-ending list of new things to learn. Maybe it is a new technique for repairing old and broken things or a creative way of installing window curtain rods to make them truly renter-friendly.

But sometimes, the new things you can learn are even smaller but just as valuable, such as this measuring tape ‘hack’ straight from Doris of DorisRoseArt!


So, I will have to admit that this ‘hack’ is something that I never knew but honestly makes so much sense. And sadly, I probably should have learned it a lot earlier, but unfortunately, it is just one of those things that just so happened to get missed along the way for one reason or another.

Whatever the case may be, let me ask this - did you know there was a reason why the metal at the end of your tape measure always had that little bit of extra wiggle room? It isn’t because someone didn’t adjust it properly the way some of us (including myself) had imagined!

Instead, there is a scientific reason behind it! The metal itself is 1/16th shorter than it should be, and that extra wiggle room? Well, that is what makes up that extra missing portion. This means that whenever you push your measuring tape up against something, the metal will push up snug to the ‘tape’ portion, while if you hook the metal against something, the measurement will still be the same!

That means no matter which way you are measuring, you get an accurate measurement each time! Honestly, it is such a small thing, but also something that I found really cool to learn, and I’ll be passing it on next time I get the chance to share a cool fun DIY fact!

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