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Landlord Shows How “Hellish” Tenants Remodeled the House They Were Renting

This would be cool for like, a Renaissance Faire…

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Now, whenever I go into a home project, I always hope that it is going to turn out alright. Of course, it sometimes doesn’t, and that is just an issue that any of us will face when completing some sort of DIY project that you aren’t an expert in. And we have seen plenty of good home makeovers here on DenGarden, but at the same time, we’ve also seen some of the opposites.

So, just imagine walking into a home you had let out as a landlord, the way Jeff Kowalckzuk did, only to come face to face with possibly one of the worst makeovers you could imagine.


The best, and worst, the part about this ‘makeover’ is the before and after images. The before images are pretty nice and prove that Jeff did indeed keep the house in good condition. After all, there are occasionally some people out there who take already bad houses and make them worse, but this isn’t the case here.

So you get some before pictures of a pretty nice house, but then you get the pictures from after… It is like some horrible nightmare where someone decided to take inspiration from Vikings and Renaissance Fairs and some fever dream mix of the two and just vomited it out all over the home.

The walls have all become painted in odd colors, including a deep, bloody-looking maroon that will be hell to paint over, while branches and branch wreathes have been hung up just about everywhere, including over the top of the fireplace. There was also a strange metal piece added over the front of the fireplace that I have no idea what the idea was behind it, with the same treatment being done to many of the doors throughout the house.

There’s also wooden barrels in the kitchen, faux-brick stick-on tile everywhere, and so much more. That isn’t even touching on the trash that is littered around practically everywhere. Overall, the entire ‘makeover’ is terrible, and I really hope Jeff has a lot of help cleaning up that total mess!

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