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Mom Makes Sentimental "Memory Bears" and Parents Are Swooning

Mom and entrepreneur Stephanie of "Sew Little Keepsakes" is helping parents remember the early years in the sweetest way possible.

New parents aren't basking in newborn glow 24/7. There are seemingly endless sleepless nights, more dirty diapers than anyone cares to remember and a ton of anxiety. But when they get older, sleep more, eat better and develop personalities, we simultaneously revel in the freedom and miss their tiny little baby clothes and sweet smelling scalps. 

Mom and entrepreneur Stephanie of "Sew Little Keepsakes" is here to help parents preserve those long-lost early years in a way that is both practical and adorable. Introducing: Memory Bears.  

Out of old onesies, this crafty lady makes huggable teddy bears that will always have a special meaning. She uses a mish-mash of the fabric sent to her to create this big adorable stuffies, and even sends back the bigger scraps so parents can have them for any other projects. Bears cost about $150 an order and take about 4-10 weeks. She also offers weighted bears, blankets and weighted blankets which are perfect for anyone who needs a little extra soothing cuddle. 

Her comments section was flooded with moms who proclaimed they needed this immediately. Can you blame them? These cuties are so perfect and such a great way to hold onto sentimental pieces without hoarding clutter.