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Apparently ‘Sprayway’ Can Completely Remove Stains from Microfiber

Give that footstool a second life!

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There are some household cleaners that will always be staples in our household. For some of us, we prefer taking the more natural route using white vinegar for majority of the household cleaning, while some folks prefer the tried and true use of bleach to get the job done.

One household cleaner that we may want to add to our cleaning arsenal is Spray Away. After seeing this video uploaded by TikTok user @livecomposed where she was able to completely upgrade her old and used microfiber stool by using this simple spray!


As seen in the video, she was able to deep clean and revamp the microfiber material on her stool so easily using this spray. All she did was spray the entire area with a thick coating of Spray Away and proceeded to use a brush to work the cleaner into the material. Afterwards, she used a microfiber cleaning tool similar to a Squeegee to remove any excess cleaner left behind.

The difference between what the stool looked like before compared to what it looked like afterwards is astonishing!

We’re totally convinced that this cleaner needs to be in our cleaning cabinet, especially after reading the comment section! “Spray Away cleans everything!” @itsus302 wrote. “That stuff will clean anything!” @justbrittanyxoxo commented.

Who knew glass cleaner worked this great on microfiber?!