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This Kid Sized Bathroom Area Is The Stuff Of Mom Dreams

Where was this when we were kids?

Children, in general, tend to mimic and act out what the adults around them do. This could be everything from pretending to cook in the kitchen, mixing all their favorite ingredients, or acting out conversations that their parents or family members had around them.

Fortunately for parents, you can take advantage of that child mimicry, such as how TikTok mom Emmie brought in a mini-sized bathroom for her child to learn good habits from the get-go!


So Emmie has a toddler who is just learning to potty train themselves, and what better way to that, as well as show them good bathroom habits and hygiene, than get them a tiny space that they can use themselves? And no, I don’t mean build a whole little bathroom for them, but rather get yourself a toy bathroom set and stock it with everything your kiddo would need!

If you can find yourself something like this Tiny Tikes bathroom set from Target, or something similar from Amazon, I say to buy it! Emmie did, and from there she also stocked it with soap, toothpaste and a brush, a hair brush, and more. She also hooked up the sink to run actual water, which can easily be done by following a few online tutorials, meaning that this not only is a cute but fully functional, sink!

Now, if I had had this when I was potty training my kiddo, maybe things would have gone a little bit easier. But hopefully, you can learn from past mistakes, and the helpful tips from creators like Emmie, and do something spectacular for your own kiddo to get them going on the right path from early on!