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This Mini Cacti Terrarium Is The Cutest Thing We Never Knew We Needed

No green thumb required!

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Plant terrariums are perfect for people who want more greenery in their home, but are new to the process of caring for plants. Most plant terrarium’s require very little effort to upkeep due to the fact that the plants typically don’t need to be watered often, yet they still three and grow in their little space. Additionally, plant terrariums look amazing in any setting, especially when your terrarium is created using different, non-traditional plants, much like TikTok content creator @jamesjroy did with his “mini garden.”


Rather than create a cute terrarium with beautiful succulents, he opted to use cacti instead and not only is it too cute but it’s so unique! As you can see in the quick video, he started off placing a seed starting soil pellet into the terrarium and added water afterwards. Once the pellet soaked all of the water, he mashed the pellet to spread the soil and added the tiny cacti seeds before spraying the terrarium with water and sealing it with its’ top.

The next clip shows us what the cacti terrarium should look like after some time has passed and the mini cacti terrarium is so cute!

With over nine million views on this video and a comment section filled with people admiring this mini terrarium, it’s clear we’re not the only ones infatuated with how cute this is