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Arkansas Woman Creates The Cutest Terracotta Pumpkin Vase and We're In Love

This is perfect for minimalists and boho lovers!

We’re officially in fall season and it’s safe to say many of us love it here! Many of us are loving the cooler weather, the return of pumpkin-flavored everything and of course the gorgeous home decorations.

We’ve seen a plethora of Halloween and fall decorations that we love, and this latest find from TikTok content creator @faithhopehome is no exception. She created a beautiful terracotta pumpkin vase and it’s perfect for plant parents who love the fall season!


As seen in the video, she starts off this DIY project by gathering some inspiration off the internet before taking a candy pumpkin bucket and painting it with a base coat mixed with pastel pink, brown and orange paints. Next, she added all-purpose flour to the pumpkin and smoothed it out with a pint brush to give it texture and sealed it in by spraying polycrylic all over. She finished it off by adding pebbles to the bottom of the pumpkin and adding a variety of beautiful neutral-toned florals.

Unsurprisingly, her followers in the comment section absolutely loved this DIY pumpkin vase and we totally get it — it’s so cute and perfect if you love a boho vibe or are a minimalist with décor.