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This Minimalist Recommends Removing These Three Things From Your Home to Instantly Decrease Clutter

Heads up, we all have at least one of these in our home

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We may not all be on a collective journey to achieve minimalism in our home, but we all can benefit from decluttering our space. Some of the easiest ways to do this is by getting rid of clothes you no longer wear and other items in your home you no longer use, as well organize your space by doing something as simple as going through that random pile of electric cords you have no idea of what every cord belongs to.

While these are all sure ways to declutter our space and work on being more minimal, there are a few other things you can get rid of to instantly decrease clutter and TikTok user @chuoruli details those three things in the video below.

She suggests immediately removing boxes, glass or plastic containers and plastic bags. She claims that ever since she removed those items from her home, she’s freed up so much space and instantly made her house appear and feel bigger, looks tidier and looks more fresh.

Sounds like a win to us! However, I’m not sure if I can get rid of my glass containers — they’re so beneficial in my home, but I’m definitely on board with the removing the plastic items as well the boxes!

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