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This Yarn Spider Web Is Perfect For Minimalists Who Still Want to Decorate For Halloween

Plus, it's super easy to do

It’s evident that many people love decorating their homes for Halloween. We were quite shocked to find out some people start decorating their homes for Halloween as early as July, but we were even more surprised to see that they also go above and beyond with their decorations, like this creative family did with their gruesome doll display.

While many folks love to put out grandiose displays of Halloween décor, others like to keep it simple and if you’re in the latter group and are in need of some inspiration for your Halloween decorations, check out this simple spider web from TikTok content creators Dennis and Andrew of @craftylumberjacks.


To start off this easy DIY Halloween decoration, they gathered the two basic craft supplies needed — yarn and tape — and proceeded to create the spider web. To do this, they simply taped crisscrossed spokes, tied a piece of yarn on a poke and started weaving over the spoke, looping it back under the same spoke and continued the same process using the over, under and around pattern until the DIY was finished to their liking. And of course, you’ll want to add your fake spiders to the homemade spider web to complete the simple DIY decoration.

Much like their followers and viewers in the comment section of this video, we love this simple DIY, especially considering it only took them 15 minutes to do!