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Home Gardner Has the Perfect Hack For Reviving 'Sad Looking' Mint

Don't count out your mint harvest just yet!

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Herbs can be fickle even when they are hearty. Growing them takes a lot of finesse, and reviving them takes a bit more. But if your mint leaves are looking sad and wilted, don'e count them out. You can absolutely revive them, and what's more, you'll have hearty bushels within 4-5 weeks.

The secret isn't just pruning, according to this home gardener on TikTok. It's making your you're cutting and replenishing, and to do that, you need to follow her easy tricks.


In a container you can see that the mint is starting to look a little less vivacious than a freshly grown sprig. To combat this, cut it all down and when you're left with stems, add a handful of worm castings. Then you want to be sure your dose them with a bunch of all-purpose fertilizer. Next you want to cover the whole thing in potting soil, burying those stems, and then give is a thorough soaking. Water regularly and in 4-5 weeks you'll have a fresh harvest to pick from.

Mint is an extremely adaptive plant. While it thrives best in sunlight and well-draining soil, if shade or extra dampness occurs it won't completely obliterate it. Just be sure to regularly trim it and don be afraid to dive in for more!