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This Under $8 Amazon Find Can Make Your Whole House Look Brand New

Mohawk Putty works wonders all around the home, especially on dinged up trim and doors.

Just like anything else, houses suffer their fair share of wear and tear, especially on the walls, doors, and baseboards. From kids zooming around to accidental scrapes and dents from furniture moving, a house can really take a beating over time. After awhile, the entire home loses its luster. Nothing may be outright wrong, but all of it sort of adds up. 

Correcting that doesn't take as much effort as one may think. In fact, this only requires one tool: A Mohawk Fil-Stik putty pen. Designer and builder Mandy Shipp taught TikTok recently about it's versatile uses and it has us "running" to our Amazon carts. 


The putty stick can be used on any indoor, low traffic areas and primarily addresses scratches, nail holes, light cracks and more. You don't need any tools or special method to use. Simple find the area you want treated and rub it in. The heat from the friction melts the putty and seamlessly fills in all the cracks.

It's available in several colors and sizes to help smooth out almost any basic wood colored trim from white to black. Shipp's followed biggest question was if is is paintable, and she noted that it was so long as it was a small area. 

All in all Under $8 is a fabulous price to pay for an easy fix that will make a big impact.

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