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Woman Shares Easy DIY Dad Taught Her For Removing Moldly Caulk

It’s genuinely super easy.

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It’s always been said that “moms know best,” and while that statement appears to be true in many instances, there are some cases when dad’s advice is just as good, especially when it comes to repairs and fixing things around the home.

While roles in each household may vary, TikTok content creator @hanashappyhome proves that her dad is quite handy when it come to providing helpful tips around he household. Just check out this quick tip showing how to easily remove moldy caulk she shared through a segment appropriately titled “DIYs my dad taught me.” Thanks, Dad!


To our surprise, in the quick video she mentions simply using bleach alone won’t get rid of the mold, no matter how much you try to use the powerful cleaner to remove it. However, with the method she used, removing mold is quite simple and requires very little effort to do! To remove the mold, all you need to do is cut out the old caulking by using a sharp blade to help remove it. Next, use bleach and an old toothbrush to wipe the corner before using a blowdryer to ensure that area is completely dry. Afterwards, you’ll simply tape the corner, cut the seal of the caulking with a utility knife and and puncture the inner seal to apply the caulking.

Who knew it could be this easy to get rid of moldy caulking? We had no idea! But we’re happy she shared this easy tip!