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Moms Are Swearing By DIY 'Magic' Cleaning Mixture That Tackles Dirt In Every Single Room

For anyone in the middle of spring cleaning, this is a formula you don't want to miss.

Did you know that there are people on this earth who simply love to clean? As in, the process of tidying a room or giving it a good bath brings them actual joy? While you might not be someone who relates to them, their passion often produces the best tips and tricks for making cleaning for us non-cleaning fans a little easier. 

One such earth angel is Danielle who has dubbed herself the "Mopping Queen." It's a well earned title as Danielle is something of a scientist when it comes to safely combining the powers of popular cleaners that results in these magic elixirs that are truly great for every room in the house.


Her most beloved recipe involves combining Mr. Clean all purpose soap and the insides of a Cascade dishwasher pod. Those two thing combined will remove crayon off of the walls and cabinets, can be used to mop the floor, clean a sink or freshen up the baseboards. Danielle says that it always leaves areas smelling extra fresh and clean, and her followers agree.

"It truly is a gift," wrote one mom. "Single mom of 4 girls with 3 dogs. Can’t afford tons of cleaners. This does it ALL!"

"What about permanent marker on flat eggshell wall paint," another challenged. 

Yes friends, and "easily" at that according to Danielle. 

Danielle also has a very affordable "handbook" that is full of magic cleaning combos to help address a wide variety of concerns and accidents round the house, with the exact measurements for this bad boy on page 7. 

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