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Mom Is Floored Over Son’s Holiday Candyland Decorations

We can't blame her!

There’s just something so fun about getting into the holiday spirit - getting everything ready and all dressed up for Christmas or whatever other event has you all good to go. From lights and decorations to having friends over - it is just a wonderful time all the way around.

What is even better than decorating, however, is getting to share those decorated spaces with friends and family and get their excited feedback, just like what we recently saw when Kuel Pho showed off his awesomely Candy-Land-themed guest bedroom off to his mom!


So when we say that Kuel got into the holiday spirit, we really mean it. The guest bedroom that he set up for his mom doesn’t quite go overboard but hits that point just before it. From an all white bedspread with peppermint candy pillows to the fully decked out candy-themed Christmas tree in the corner, every space is filled with holiday spirit. There’s even a small chest with more decorations atop it, just to help round out the whole look.

But what we love even more than the decorations themselves is the absolute love and joy that appears on his mom’s face as he shows off his decorated space. She gives the exact reaction we always hope we would get from family members that we invite into our home, delighting over all the tiniest details that Kuel obviously put so much painstaking attention and effort into.

We would like to say that there is an almost childish wonder there, an appreciation of someone doing something for her the same way that she once did for him, that we are stunned by. It’s a real way to share love, and we are so here for it.

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