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Mom Transforms Daughter’s ‘Kiddie’ Room Into a Magical Harry Potter Themed One

She’s a wizard!

We’ve seen many fandoms incorporate their love of a popular franchise into their daily life. From folks transforming their plain basement into a Star Wars haven to creatives dedicating an entire Airbnb space to Harry Potter’s Quidditch World cup, the amount of loyalty fans have for their favorite franchises are endless.

Such is the case with the daughter of TikTok user @mrs.s.xox who is a Harry Potter fan and wanted her mom to transform her cute and girly pink space to a magical Harry Potter-themed bedroom and mom definitely delivered!


This bedroom makeover is so cool! We love the amount of effort mom put into this makeover to ensure her daughter will love the outcome! The navy blue color and space-themed curtains and bed linen is so nice and the gold mirror and desk set is a perfect touch added to the newly-converted Harry Potter space.

People in the comments shared their thoughts in regards to the makeover. “I would of at first made her go in the cupboard under the stairs though (LOL), looks amazing!” TikTok user @emma_jayne_xoxox wrote. “I thought u gonna move her under the stairs (LOL),” @princess_miszelka commented. “Not me at 24 being jealous at all,” @alexiaroe7 shared. “The wand and fairy lights on the wall is genius,” another TikTok user shared.

This mom did a a marvelous job on this room makeover and if you’re curious to see her daughter’s reaction, check it out here!

Mischief managed.