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Mom's Genius Laundry Hack Is Perfect For Distracting Little Kids

For toddlers who are stage 5 clingers, this easy trick will keep them fully occupied.

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As a mom to a busy body one-year-old, I’ve learned that being a parent to a little curious human who’s constantly on the move isn’t exactly a walk in the park. So I’m always appreciative whenever I come across an amazing parent hack that is not only extremely helpful for me, but can also keep my child engaged while learning yet another new skill.

If your child’s curiosity is on level difficulty due to their round-the-clock inquisitiveness that requires them learning or mastering a new skill, then this mom hack is one that is especially helpful with making the toddler stage less stressful.

In the video posted by @whirlpoolusa, Kate Bast, mom to mini humans and sharer of parent hacks, shows us how to cleverly involve our kiddos when doing regular household duties, such as laundry, and making it a fun learning activity for them!


In addition to allowing the little helpers transfer laundry into the washer and dryer, you can also create a miniature sized clothing line that’s low enough for your little assistant to help you with hanging air-dried clothing. Afterwards, label their drawers with photos of clothing type so they can help put their laundry away while learning at the same time!

“I bought my littles mini laundry baskets so they learn to do their own! They love it. washcloths, socks anything little,” said @LaurenRamsey. 

Another TikTok user shared another great idea “Wash your wash clothes and hand towels together. My grandbabies all loved folding them. We also put them away together.”

Completing household work with my child while they learn…this makes for another great parent hack that I‘m excited to try!