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This Genius Popsicle Mom Hack Is Just In Time For the Summer

This will get you out of a sticky situation

Growing up, absolutely nothing could beat a cold and flavorful popsicle on a hot summer’s day. After playing outside with your friends all morning, rushing back into your house and running to the freezer to quickly cool down from the blazing summer sun was sometimes the peak of our day. As enjoyable as the ice pops were when we were kids, the only I hated about eating them was how sticky I would get from its’ juice when attempting to open the popsicle with my teeth because I couldn’t find any scissors. Talk about inconvenient.

However thanks to TikTok mom @yocumotion, today’s kids (or at least her kids, anyway) may not ever know what that feels like because of this brilliant popsicle hack she recently shared that’s reduces messes and is so convenient!


How amazing is this hack?! Seriously, where was this when we were kids? This hack would have saved us so many precious minutes of cleaning up the mess we’d make attempting to open the popsicles. We love the tip of keeping the popsicles upright so it will help reduce the mess. Oh, and attaching the scissors with a string so they can’t get lost and will always be ready and available to open the popsicles is pure genius!

These mom summer hacks are *chef’s kiss* good! 

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