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Mom Shows Us How She Uses Clorox to Bleach Wood and We're Amazed by the Outcome

Uhhh don't mind us, we're just taking notes.

For many furniture flippers, finding furniture at thrift stores that need absolutely no work after bringing it home is a rare find. Thankfully though, for the skilled furniture flippers, they’re well-versed in the world of taking something borrowed and making it look new again whether if it’s using paint or a wood stain to change an appearance of a dresser or table.

However, another option that’s available that many of us non-furniture flippers may be aware of is wood bleaching. If you never knew that was a ‘thing’ and are curious to see how actual store bought bleach can complete change the appearance of your wood furniture, check out this quick tutorial from Instagram user and DIY mama @totsandtimber.


In the quick video, she explains how to easily bleach the wood by prepping for the project before applying the bleach to the wood furniture. So, be sure to wear a mask and gloves and work in a well-ventilated area. Also, prior to bleaching the wood, be sure to strip or sand down the wood to its' natural state first. Next, she simply pours bleach in a glass container, dip the rag into the bleach and wipes it on the wood evenly before letting it dry and repeating the steps as necessary. She mentions that she specifically does three to six coats of bleach.

After the wood is completely dry, wipe on a solution of half vinegar and half water to neutralize the wood before staining. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t mix bleach and vinegar as she mentions that this can create a toxic gas!

Finally give your piece a quick sand since the wood grain will have raised a bit and you’re free to style the wood however you wish!

If you want to try this DIY on dark wood, she mentions that it may be more beneficial to use bleach specifically made for wood such as this one from Amazon.

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