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Mom’s Post-Target-Run Mission Is Extremely Relatable to All Married Women

Works every time...

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Ah good old Target. The land of home goods galore and time well wasted. When we say we could spend hours in this store, we mean it. And unfortunately for our partners that often means that we bring home the ‘spoils’ of our trip.

Savvy Target shoppers have quickly figured out that sometimes it's best just to not always say what (or how much) you bought, as this one TikTok’er shows us!


So if you had a giant Target haul, we bet that a lot of you would do what our friend Madison from TikTok did and, well… brought it all home and super quickly unwrapped everything and put it where it would go. Because there is nothing worse than going through all that time and trouble to find the perfect little rug or cute new centerpiece only to have to do the walk of shame when using your new purchase to decorate.

Instead, just get it all done before your partner comes home!

We get to watch as Madison runs around her house to the Mission Impossible tune, occasionally with the help of her kiddo, while she tries to replace a bunch of old stuff with what has been newly purchased. There are a few carpets, a brand-new shower curtain for the extra bathroom, and a new rug for the kitchen by the cabinets.

In the end, all of the little changes come together to make a nicer-looking home, but at the same time, the swap isn’t so dramatic that Madison’s partner is likely to come home and spy on everything that is different. In fact, he could probably go quite a while without realizing anything had been changed, unless he was super particular about knowing what was in his house.

So keep in mind, next time you’re on your Target run, just get things that look kind of like what you already have, but better, and swap them out! By the time your partner notices, it will be too late!