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Mom Adds Secret Gaming Area To Daughter’s New Bedroom and Gamers Everywhere Are Jealous

Uhhh...can she do our room next?

Every kid loves to have something they can call their own. Whether it’s their favorite toy, a t-shirt or both, there’s comfort in having something in which you feel is only yours. However, as kids get older, the things in which they want to call their own changes and typically transition from toys to personal space, also known as bedrooms. When you have a room of your own, one of the best feelings in that moment, is making it a reflection of your personality and what you love.

And that’s exactly what this hardworking mama and TikTok DIYer, @melissagarchiediy did with her daughter’s bedroom. She incorporated everything her teen loves- sports and games - and the surprise turned out amazing!


This surprise turned out so amazing! We love how she infused all of her daughter’s interests and took her time with the makeover. She was sure to include all of her sports medals, a rock climbing wall with a rope that’s used to get her to the top bunk bed, and that surprise at the end was so sweet and thoughtful! People in the comments were just as impressed. “Asking for a friend but are you adopting? If yes, is 50 too old to ask for a second room Mom?” TikTok user @ashli9azutaz commented. “I'm an adult and I want that gaming nook!” Another Tiktok user @amsterqueer commented. “I love her reaction! The coolest mom!” @makingouroasis wrote. “How has this not gone viral? You did an amazing job Momma!!” @bossgal99 wrote.

Seriously, we’d never leave this room if we didn’t have to.