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Virginia Mom Says Daughter’s Friends’ Parents Bullied Her for Living In a Trailer Park, So She Showed Off Just How Gorgeous It Is

You will not believe the size of the bathroom

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Trailer parks typically have a bad reputation for looking or being “trashy,” however, as everyone knows, there are exceptions to every rule, so despite what you may have seen on movies, TV shows or maybe from your own personal experience, there are some trailer or mobile homes that are anything but “trashy.” As a matter of fact, some trailer homes looks just as amazing— if not better —than some of the upgraded modern standard single family homes.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator @taybrice's stunning trailer home that’s not only huge and has amazing modern features, as well as a beautiful primary bedroom that’s equipped with a huge, upgraded bathroom! Unfortunately, her daughter was getting bullied for living in a trailer home, but unbeknownst to her daughter’s bullies, she living very well!


This house to be one of the most beautiful trailer homes we’ve ever seen! We were impressed with the stunning features of the home upon entering, but when the camera entered the bedroom and finally into the bathroom that is bigger than most bedrooms, our minds were blown! The bathroom is not only unbelievably big, but it’s decked out with a beautiful floating bathtub, a TV and a large stand lone shower.

Hopefully they’ll grant us all with a full house tour soon, but in the meantime, let this servers a reminder to never judge a book by its’ cover!