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Woman Uses a Mop to Clean Her Walls, Doors and Baseboards and TikTok is Shook

This is probably one of the best cleaning hacks we've seen!

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Thanks to social media, we’ve been introduced to many different ways to effectively deep clean our homes. For some of us, we’ve learned why we should vacuum our mattresses on a regular basis, how often we should clean our washing machine and why it’s not a bad idea to mop our carpets.

Well, this latest cleaning hack from TikToker @woah.heather.rhodes is another one we can add to our list of best cleaning hacks!

This cleaning hack consists of using a mop to clean her walls, doors and baseboards and this clearly works well! All she does is mix together 1/2 tablespoon of powdered Tide, 1/2 teaspoon of fabric softener and extra hot water. She claims the fabric softener helps repel dust, while the Tide cleans and disinfects.

To clean the targeted areas, she dips the mop into the DIY solution and begins to simply mop the areas the same way in which she would mop her regular floors. The interesting thing about her choosing to mop her walls, baseboards and doors is that this is the only time in which she uses a mop in her house! She says she has a particular vacuum that takes care of mopping and vacuuming her floors and she’s never used a mop to clean her floors.

We never heard of this unorthodox way to deep clean these areas, however, we’re now convinced we need to try this method!

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