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Gardner Shares Why She Refuses to Power Wash Away Her Moss

What a creative and sustainable use!

Moss is a powerful plant that’s offers quite a few benefits for both humans and the environment which allows us the opportunity to find many uses for it, including composting when you’re done with it.

So it makes perfect sense why plant obsessed TikToker @sow.and.dipity wouldn’t want to just simply wash it away and not repurpose it, especially since it constantly grows in the Pacific Northwest.

In the popular video uploaded by the gardener, she takes us to her GardenSchool as she explains how she reuses the plant to create unique vegetative seating for her wire garden chair. So cool!


In the video, the gardener carefully cuts and rolls the moss patches, strikingly akin to how a carpenter removes carpet from a room. She then gathers the large amount of moss and begins to pack the chair with the plant as a way to use it as a natural and lush, multi-colored seat padding, all courtesy of mother nature.

She’s still in the process of finishing the chair but we’re looking forward to seeing how stellar the finished project will look

“Omg that’s awesome, love this idea!” said @amberinaraymond. “That’s awesome, I would do the same if I had the opportunity,” said another TikTok user.

Oh how we would love to harvest our own moss to reuse as nature’s carpet!