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Moss Tables Are the Perfect Alternative to Anyone Who Can’t Keep a Succulent Table Alive

And it looks just as dreamy.

We’re convinced plant tables are now a thing. And honestly, we’re absolutely here for it. Not only are plant tables a unique way to showcase your love of plants, they’re also absolutely gorgeous and can easily elevate a room’s space.

However, if you covet a plant table but aren’t too great with keeping plants alive or don’t care to put in too much work to maintain its’ beautiful appearance, then you may want to consider doing a moss table instead. And this DIY moss table from TikTok content creator @avigailadam1 is not only gorgeous but serves as the perfect tutorial!


For this easy DIY, she was able to score a free coffee table, which she cleaned before gathering some moss from her garden. After carefully applying the moss to the table, she scattered miniature pine cones and beautiful pink, red, purple and light yellow flower tops throughout the moss. To finish off this simple project, she hot glued dark wood corks to the corners of the table and placed a glass top on top of the corks.

The finished table looks so magical and is not only easy to do but is perfect for plant lovers regardless of their skill level!