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Moss Mats Are Essential For Every Plant Parent

There are so many benefits to having one in your home.

Need to feel more connected to the world around you, or want to bring a little bit of mother nature indoors?

Why not look into getting a moss mat for your home? Never heard of a moss mat? No problem! We didn’t either, not until we were introduced to the idea by TikTok creator Qyera!


So moss mats are pretty much exactly what they sound like - a doormat like addition to your home that contains living moss. Qyera explains to us the many benefits of these mats in the home, starting off right when you walk into your home.

First off, these mats can be used in the entryway as a means for cleaning off your feet, before you can take them with you to where you are working or sitting on the couch. This provides a more natural means of grounding yourself and getting in touch with the earth, even if you can’t go or be outside.

The mats can also be used as an altar piece for our more nature-minded folks, or take it into the bathroom with you and use it as a natural bath mat - the moss naturally absorbs water rather than you having to throw a bath rug on the floor.

As for why exactly these mats are good for your home, not just what you can use them for, Qyera states that they can improve the air quality inside your home, provides a low-maintenance green and growing plant you can take care of (and that takes care of you), and is a great way of adding some natural life into your home.

So, what do you think? Want to add an all natural moss mat to your own home and discover all the amazing benefits? You can bet that we do!