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Woman’s Genius All-Natural Satchels Are the Chemical-Free Way to Keep Mice Out of the House

And all you need to do is look in your spice cabinet.

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Do you have pests like mice or rats coming up by and even into your house? No shame! A lot of times they’re looking for somewhere warm out of the cold, or if you live near a barn or field, they’re just kind of present. And yes, you could put out some rodent bait and kill the little buggers where they stand, but what if you have dogs or cats (or small children) that could get to that bait as well?

Well, one TikTok creator has the perfect anti-mouse bag, sans chemicals, and you might not even have to leave your house to get everything that you need!


Babs, who calls herself ‘everyone’s grandma’, has a lot of clever solutions to a lot of our everyday and pressing problems. The rodent issue is no big deal to her, probably because she has JUST the thing to help solve it!

So what you’re going to want to do is grab some favor or mesh bags, then head to your spice cabinet! To each bag you will add a single star anise, a cinnamon stick, and a tablespoon each of cloves and red pepper flakes. Mix each bag, tie them up tight, then throw them into your cupboards or wherever you think the mice might be getting into and voila! Instant deterrent!

But you might be wondering - why does this work? Sure smells good to you, wouldn’t it make the mice even hungrier? And the answer is actually no. Mice, as Babs points out, rely almost solely on their sense of smell, and it is thousands of times stronger than our own! The strong smells, all taken together, are overwhelming to their noses and make it harder to smell whether or not there is food readily available. They’ll likely skip your house and head somewhere a bit easier on their sniffer, leaving your space rodent free!