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Couple Converts Tiny Closet Into Glamorous Mudroom

Everyone will be eyeing up their small spaces now

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When you live in a small space, it's important to maximize every square inch of the house. That includes turning closets into mudrooms.

In this case, the homeowners wanted to turn their small closets into a multipurpose space where they could store things and hang coats when they came in from outside. They also wanted to ensure they had plenty of light coming through so it would feel bright every day—and not just like another dark corner of the house! 

Hidden storage was built into the wall by installing a bench seat with hidden storage. This way, there's plenty of room for coats, hats, and gloves without taking up too much space outside their home.

The tiny room also serves as their mudroom—which they both enjoy because it now fits all of their needs!

Folks in the comments showed lots of love for this conversion makeover.

"Amazing!!! how long did it take from first cut to finishing touches?" @Jules

"So stinking cool." @Mike’s Garden

"Why is no one talking about the hidden shoes?!!" @Emilee 

We wondered the same thing.

If you're like us and don't have much storage space, this solution is right up your alley. They took an old table top and attached it to the wall, creating a wide bench seat that could fit two people comfortably. It's also the perfect place to store shoes!

This couple was able to turn an old closet into a functional mudroom. They wanted their space to look beautiful, but they also needed it to serve its purpose. By using creative design and adding some storage space underneath the bench seat, they were able to achieve both goals!

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