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These Mug Rugs Are So Adorable

Enjoy this small dopamine hit today friends.

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Have you ever heard of a mug rug before? If you haven’t, then you aren’t alone! These mini-rugs are about the size of a coaster and are meant for you to rest your drink or snack of choice on! They can also be done in some interesting patterns and colors and are often shaped into small, cute styles. Pretty cool, and useful, right?

So, now that you’re interested, let’s take a look at some super cute mug rugs that TikTok creator Madeline of Happy Rugs recently made!


So we start the video with a good view of all of the different rugs that Madeline made on one backing, which is already a plus in our book. Typically rugs use some type of backing fabric called monks cloth, and that can get pretty expensive after a while. Madeline is able to put multiple mug rugs on a single backing, meaning she is able to keep her costs down just a bit.

Madeline then starts cutting out each of the different rugs, and we get a closer look at the individual pieces as she moves on to hot gluing the edges down to create a neater look as well as seal the rug. Each is then also hot glued to another piece of black backing to prevent it from slipping on a table when being used for drink, food, etc.

The fun part comes when she starts trimming down the extra tufting, extra yarn going flying off of each piece. There is an avocado, a butterfly, a cat, an adorable banana, and even a nail polish rug! Madeline does a final pan over all of the finished mug rugs and we cannot get over just how adorable each of them look. And if we start running to her store to see how many we can buy before our partners come after us, well… That’s just our business, isn’t it?