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This Mug Wall Is Absolutely Perfect for Coffee or Tea Lovers

Now you’ll have a simple and aesthetic way to store your mugs.

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Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my coffee, but more than that, they know how absolutely obsessed I am with cute and cool cups and mugs. I absolutely adore collecting the strangest and prettiest and downright oddest things that I can find and adding them to my collection or using them for different things, but… I’ve also always had an issue with storing them!

Luckily one TikTok creator, Mercedes Munoz, has come up with an adorable method for displaying all her own cups and I am totally going to steal it for myself!


Now, I will warn you that this idea, as adorable as it is, might not be the best idea if you have cats, or the only area you have free is a frequently traveled area because it can be a bit precarious in certain situations.

The idea is to grab some wood blocks that are slightly larger, or at least have a wider base than your mugs, and cut a small groove in the back that a screw head can slide into - this will be important later. Get as many of them as you want, or at least for as many mugs and cups that you want to display, and set create a pattern that you want to see up on the wall.

I suggest doing a basic grid or square, simply because it is easier to measure. Next you can take a level (I prefer the laser ones), and map out on your wall where each of the displays will go, making sure that they are equally spaced from one another. At each marking, insert two screws that are spaced far enough apart that they’ll be on the outside edge of each block.

All you have to do now is slide your blocks on, add your mugs, and that is it! You can easily take down both mugs and blocks, changing them out as you wish, or leave them up for the long run!


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