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Woman Uses Dollar Tree Glassware to Recreate Expensive HomeGoods Mushroom Lamp

This turned out so cute!

We genuinely love a good Dollar Tree hack. From recreating a beautiful $445 chandelier to transforming pool noodles into gorgeous room décor, it’s safe to say the Dollar Tree definitely comes in clutch for many of our coveted DIY projects.

And this DIY from TikTok user @marennpetrie is no exception. Rather than paying for expensive mushroom lamps from HomeGoods, Maren went to the tried-and-true Dollar Tree to DIY her own version of these super cool lamps and let us tell you, she did not miss with DIY!


These laps are giving us all the nostalgic feels from Super Mario Bros. They’re so cool! All she did was get a small glass bowl and regular-sized glass carafe and spray painted only the inside of the two dishes. Next, she turned the carafe upside down and placed a tea light on top of it before placing the bowl on top of the tea light. So easy and cute! The price range for lamps with the mushroom silhouette can range from $30 up to a few hundred dollars depending on where you go. It’s so amazing that not only was she easily able to DIY this lamp, but she was able to do so with not going over $5! We love that she customized her lamp using spray paint, too!

TBH, her version looks like it should cost way more than what she actually paid.

There you have it, folks. If you’re a fan of these viral mushroom lights, you may want to trek it to the Dollar Tree asap while they still have these items in stock!