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This Mushroom Mural Is Your Sign to Get Quirky With Your Walls

It’s perfect for the boho babes out there.

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Okay, we need to take a minute just to talk about the sheer creativity of some of the people out there. Really, we have seen people take doors and turn them into pieces of art, or use simple wind and charcoal and allowed nature to create art for them. There is something so beautiful and rare about all that is around us, and to see it expressed in so many ways is part of what makes writing about it so fun!

So today we are covering yet another amazing artist and their really out-of-the-box wall art that is surprisingly stunning!


Kari Keil from TikTok is a straight-up artist. Literally, she creates art for a living, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that when she wanted to jazz up her own home she went straight for the art supplies.

She started off with a blank white wall which quite obviously needed some sprucing. So Kari creates an accent piece by marking out a black shape, then hanging a clock in the center of that - but it isn’t quite enough. Sure it is eye-catching, but it could be even better. And what better way of adding some real pizzazz than a mural?

Kari got to work, sketching out a quite… surprising design for her mural piece. Instead of going with something cutesy or traditional, she decided to pick mushrooms as her focus piece. These mushrooms are first sketched out in chalk to help stand out against the black as well as be easily removed or changed before she then starts painting them in using lush golds, yellows, and oranges to both pop off of the black and really highlight and accent the gold of the mirror.

The end result, though unusual, is simply stunning and we would never have known that someone could make mushrooms look THIS good!