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Florist Gets Special Request For a Mushroom Wedding Bouquet and It Turns Out Stunning

This is perfect for a woodland wedding.

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Wedding bouquets are a gorgeous way of adding a pop of color in the form of flowers. But what if you don’t want to go the traditional route and have live flowers that could wilt or die before the evening of dancing is over? Well, lucky enough there are a bunch of creative people out there who have come up with brilliant workarounds, such as paper flower bouquets or plant cutting bouquets.

But mushroom bouquets? That is a new one, even for us! And yet still - so stunning!


So Kelsea Olivia is a florist, or rather, she is a floral artist. The things that she can do with just a bunch of flowers is mind-blowing, and we highly recommend you go check out her Insta for just a peek at some of the things she has brought to life. And still, even she was a little shocked when she was approached to create a mushroom bouquet perfect for any woodlands-themed wedding.

Faced with this brand new challenge, Kelsea headed off to her local farmer’s market, because where else are you going to find a wide spread of different mushrooms? So she gathered up her materials and brought them all back to her shop. There she began to cold glue them to sticks so that she could play around with them and see what fit and where.

Different combos are run through, and we get to see the brilliance of Kelsea’s creativity come to life as she pairs up different bunches of mushrooms, picking some to keep and flipping through others until they match what she has planned. Mixing fresh and dried mushrooms in various colors, Kelsea eventually lands on a design that is the perfect outdoors aesthetic, and we can’t help but think of a fairy wonderland when we look at it.

Like many others in the comments, we would never have even thought of this is an option, but boy will we be suggesting it from now on!