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Here Are Three Art Supplies You Didn’t Know Existed But Are Useful to Have

A must have for every artist!

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Being an artist is already tough enough but at least there are budget-friendly options when it comes to art supplies. However, to make your art supplies last longer and create exceptional art, you might need a few little helpers.

TikTok account @rae_dizzle_, who is an artist, knows what's up and therefore shares some good advice on how to keep your brushes and paint looking good longer. Let's check it out.

Wow! It would save you so much money, in the long run, having these on hand.

The first item on the list every artist needs is a "brush shaper." If your brushes look used and abused, this will help shape them up again. All you need to do is dip the brush in the liquid, reshape it to its original shape, and let it dry. That's it.

The next item on the list is called "Liquid Frisket," which preserves your art. You use this first before you start painting and creating art. After it dries, you just peel it off and everything underneath is preserved. Pretty cool stuff!

The last must-have item on the list is called "slow-drying-medium," which you'll mix in with your acrylic paint to keep it wet for longer. This comes in handy if you're new to acrylic paint or need more time blending colors. 

Although these tips are great, TikTok had other suggestions.

As TikToker @e.zoe.xoxo said,

"Dipping brushes slowly in boiling water can return bristles to normal position, try this first before wasting your money."


Another person (@addison._.mackenzie) wrote,

"If you need acrylic to stay wetter longer spray it with water. If you need to preserve paint mix, soak a paper towel and lay it over your pallet."

That's a great tip.

And according to TikToker @chelsiegillham, a small amount of dish soap works great as a brush shaper.

Who knew?

So many great tips!

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