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Man Finds Mysterious, Seemingly Inaccessible Door In New House and Finally Figures Out How to Get To In

There's some mystery to unpack here...

We love surprises here at DenGarden, especially if they are nice ones! Maybe it is someone surprising a loved one with a home or room makeover, or maybe it is giving a nice gift. But what if you were told that your house had a surprise door?

Yes, a whole door! That is exactly what one TikTok creator found when he went to a home inspection and found that it had a mysterious secret.


You see, Chad Auber is a home inspector, and he’s seen quite a lot in his years. But when he came to his most recent home to do the inspection, one of the first things he noticed (besides how stunning the house is), was a mysterious door that kind of just seemed to be set into a wall on the top story. And no, this isn’t a two-story house, technically.

The door is just… Sitting up there, tucked away in the corner of what would ordinarily appear to be just a blank wall. It literally looks like someone just hung it up there as a joke. So Chad went exploring and found a pull-down ladder to what he thought was simply an attic. But nothing could have prepared him for what he would find at the top.

There is an entire unfinished room just hanging out above the master. Yes, it seems like whoever purchased this house might have thought they were getting a five-bedroom, but there is now space for a sixth! And to be fair, it is a pretty large room. There is more than enough space to turn it into an entertainment area, or an extra bedroom for someone who really wants to spread out.

Then, in the corner, you can spy the door that can be seen from down below. Opening it and heading out, you are led to a small landing area that looks down onto the living room. Though there is no rail up currently to prevent someone from falling, we think you could easily add one and make this a really neat sitting area, or maybe a place for some plants!