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Candle Artist Makes This Nacho Candle Look Unbelievably Real

Looks too good to be true, literally.

One of my favorite things to adorn my home with are candles. They smell good, provide a great aesthetic and can serve as a great décor piece depending on the style of candle you purchase.

While there are still a lot of brick-and-mortar stores that sell candles, many consumers have opted to purchase the popular home good from creatives online for a few different reasons including the opportunity support a small business and because creative entrepreneurs tend to make more than the typical scented wax in a jar type of candle. Nothing against the simple-styled candles, however, I appreciate the candles that not only smell good, but have a different look as well.

And this is exactly what candle entrepreneur @cravings4candles offers with the massive amount of candles she creates. While she’s made a variety of food candles, it’s this nacho candle that looks unbelievably real (and good)!


As a person who loves nachos, I want this candle for myself! I mean, can we discuss the details?! It’s so cool how she used folded foil to create the chips and how she included everything from the guacamole, beans tomatoes, sour cream and black pepper. She’s so talented and has made so many other food-related candles including a slice of pepperoni pizza, a cotton candy Poptart, crab legs and shrimp fried rice, just to name a few.

If you want to try CravingsForCandles for yourself, be sure to check out her Etsy shop here!