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Woman Teaches Desperate TikToker How To Get Rid of Spilled Nail Polish

We hope this works for her

Toddlers have to be the most adorable and curious beings! Probably starting from the time in which they learn to walk, their little bodies seem to quickly get into anything (and everything, honestly) within their reach. As cute as their curiosity can be, sometimes their touchy hands get ahold of the wrong thing and they end up making a huge mess that can either be easily picked up or can be the total opposite.

Such is the case with mom and TikTok content creator, @stylishly_tiny, whose daughter got her hands on some bright pink nail polish and unfortunately spilled it all over her laminate tiled floor. Seeing the video, TikTok content creator @annrussell03 responded with a simple solution to potentially help her resolve this messy issue!


The simple solution she mentions in this video, is to cleaning the spilled nail polish is using pure acetone. Simply get an old rag, apply some acetone to it apply it to small corner of the spilled mess to test the area and make sure the pure acetone won’t strip the laminate off the floor as well. If using pure acetone does remove the laminate, proceed very carefully while continuing to use the quick remedy by not applying the acetone directly onto the floor and instead gently dabbing the acetone with a rag on the spilled nail polish.

Acetone is a great remedy for cleaning up difficult paint spills, but it can potentially cause more damage than what you bargained for if not used correctly.