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You Can Make Patterned DIY Candles Using Napkins

This is so pretty and would make for a great gift.

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Do you have a bunch of old candles laying around but you aren’t really sure what to do with them? Or maybe you want a quick and easy gift that still looks stunning… Well, lucky for you, we’ve got one TikTok creator who has a brilliant way of upcycling candles and one surprising extra ‘ingredient’ to make some gorgeous candles that you could easily use as a gift!


Lindsey is the brilliant mind behind the RuralLegend channel over on TikTok and beyond. She focuses a lot on different easy-to-recreate home styles, particularly those that can really help make your space look amazing without ever really breaking the bank.

Today she is covering a simple way that you can quickly, easily, and best of all, cheaply elevate your candles to new heights, even to the point of giving them away as gifts! And the greatest part? You literally only need candles, some cute paper napkins, a piece of wax paper, and a blow dryer!

Now for this to work you are going to want some of those taller pillar candles to really help show off the decoration of whatever napkins you are using. Lindsey also recommends using paler colors, or colors that compliment your napkins, as you will be able to see the color showing through.

You will want to start by peeling the paper napkins so that you only have the top layer that has been printed on and to where it is a 1-ply. Wrap it around your candle so that it overlaps itself, then cut off any excess (if there is any!) Next, wrap all of that up in your wax paper, using the two ends like a handle so you can hang it suspended over your workspace.

From there simply turn on your blow dryer to the highest setting and start slowly running it over the candle, making sure not to burn yourself or to make the candle start actually melting. You want to heat it up just enough that the wax ‘absorbs’ the paper of the napkin, but doesn’t run. Make sure you seal all the edges with this method, then sit aside, allow to cool, and voila! Brand new printed candles that look amazing!