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Grandpa Builds Secret Library That You Have to Walk Through a Narnia Wardrobe To Get To

Um, we need this in our lives.

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Ever wondered if your home has secret rooms? Maybe little doors - such as in Alice in Wonderland - that would lead you to an Alice in Wonderland themed-bathroom? Or a secret library, such as inside an old castle, where you would press a button - or remove a fake book from the shelf - to release the lever for the shelf to open. 

It certainly would be cool to have one. This Instagram account of @prominentaestetics.yyc shares a video of a grandpa who actually has a secret library in his home, where you have to enter through a special path. 


It's perfect! I always wanted to go through a closet - or a wardrobe - to end up in like a different dimension - but finding a library on the other side is pretty cool too. 

It is quite massive and unexpected. The wardrobe looks like a regular vintage wardrobe to me, which probably was. It seems like he just removed the back of the wardrobe and placed it right by the door to the "secret room" to make it secretive! He could have also built it, hard to tell. 

Looks cool either way!

Such a smart move! If you have many rooms in your home you don't want others to know about, or if you just want some alone time, this is definitely a good way of hiding them. Even better, if the wardrobe locks from the inside, so nobody from the outside can enter. That's what I would do if I wanted to escape my in-laws - just kidding!