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This Is a Sign You Need a Natural Pool In Your Backyard

We want one!

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We might be in the winter season, but summer is sure coming again next year. Now might be a good time to plan out that pool idea you had forever. How about installing a natural pool rather than a generic pool filled with chemicals? Nature and your dogs will appreciate it.

TikTok account @californiawaterscapes, which is a construction company specializing in natural pools, Koi ponds, and waterfalls, shows us how it's done. Let's take a look!

I love it! It even has a waterfall! 

Say what? 

If you live in California, especially Southern California, definitely consider this. I so would if I'd build my home from scratch. Imagine all those backyard pool parties you'll be having! 

So much fun!

TikTok was a bit hesitant, although it's a professional company that does this for a living, not a DIY homeowner. 

As TikToker @24jamdobi commented,

"My DREAM... But how is the water not muddy? Can you show us how it's made? I will def do one when I retire."

That's a good question.

On the other hand, some people on TikTok weren't sold on the idea of a natural pool, such as TikToker @u.smell.n1ce, who posted,

"It’s a pond. Definitely not a pool."

Definitely not a pond, but it reminds me of like natural hot springs or a lake somewhere in the forest.

And TikToker @itsallcrazy asked,

"Nice how are you keeping the water from seeping into the ground? This can cause shifting in foundations in your and houses near you."

According to California Waterscapes, they used a .45 mil rubber liner, that recirculates the same water. This is a flexible method and apparently, never cracks like concrete. They also don't use chemicals, it's biological filtration only. 

It's a "[...] large wetland filter, seeded with beneficial bacteria that consume nutrients... along with aquatic plants," California Waterscapes mentioned in a comment.

Another TikToker @kenventura2020 asked,

"How do you keep it that clear?"

To which California Waterscapes responded,

"Same water circulates 24/7 plants and bacteria consume the majority of the nutrients in the water, therefore, starving out the chemicals."

Good to know.

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