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Arizona Mom Makes Nature Walks More Fun With These Duct Tape Bracelets

The kids got super into it.

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Stay at home parents have an amazing opportunity to be at home with their kids and avoid spending a ton of money on childcare, but it isn’t always as easy as it seems. Of course you know the basics have to be met — making sure the kids are clean and fed, however, you have to to also find ways to keep them entertained, besides simply placing them in front of the TV and turning on their favorite cartoons.

Rather than just doing the latter, this mom @chelseadelgado_ took her kids on a nature walk and had them make nature bracelets using items from nature and we love the idea!


As she mentioned in the video, she took her two boys out for a walk outside and decided to make it a bit more fun and creative by making these cool bracelets. To do this fun project, they simply used to duct tape to create the bracelets and as they went for their walk, they’d pick different flowers and leaves and placed them onto their handmade bracelets.

The colorful nature bracelets turned out so cute, however, many people in the comment section disagreed with the mom allowing her kids to pick perfectly good flowers, rather than flowers that are already on the ground. "A way to make it that little bit more respectful to the plants to is only use fallen flowers/leaves. Leave the beautiful plants be,” @alanaa.becker wrote. “Please only use fallen flowers.. Bees and other insects will be happy,” @na_me00 commented. “From an Indigenous person - consider only using pieces that have already fallen off rather than tearing from live plants. Nice idea!!” @pizzapartydog shared.

The comment section brought up a valid point regarding using flowers that are already picked and pulled, but we love the idea!