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This “Life-Changing” Sewing Hack gets You the Perfect Knot Every Time

Anyone who loves to sew will appreciate this.

Social media is great for quite a few reasons, but one of the best things about the different social media platforms is the fact that we can constantly find something new to learn about. From DIY tutorials showing us how to flawlessly dupe wall prints to a variety of hacks that help us work smarter, not harder, social media content creators help keep us on our toes in so many different areas and we are appreciative of it.

This hack we recently discovered from TikTok content creator @spencer_sunboy is no exception to our list of favorite life-changing hacks. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced person who hand sews on a regular basis, this hack is so beneficial.


As we see in the quick video, to get the perfect knot every single time when you hand sew, you simply take the thread and wrap it around the end of the needle and proceed to finish by sliding that wrap down the end of the needle to get the knot every single time.

We love this simple, yet "life-changing" hack, especially if you hand sew on a regular basis. How many of you have tried the sewing hack before?