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Neighbors Make Silent Pact To Brighten Up Their Street and It’s Sooo Cute

It looks like a magical place to live.

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Living in a neighborhood can mean a lot of things. If you have bad neighbors you could hear trash being taken out way too early in the morning, arguments over parking spaces, or people mowing a bit too much of a lawn that isn’t quite theirs.

On the other hand, you could live in a good neighborhood, or better yet, a neighborhood with good people. The type of neighborhood where people look out for each other and try and help everyone out, exactly like this TikTok creator experiences with her own friendly neighbors.


Andy Domek lives in a neighborhood that gets incredibly dark, and what we mean by that is there is a lot that helps create a lot of cover and a lot of shadows. Sadly there are not that many street lamps out to help cast away the darkness, and neither do the porch lights seem to extend very far. This could be because many of the houses are set back away from the street, but the overall effect is one heavy, almost oppressive darkness.

But one set of his neighbors decided to change all of that. How? By putting up strings of solar lights on all the trees in the neighborhood! Day by day, tree by tree, strings of lights started going up, flicking on as soon as the sun went down and the world turned dark.

Now the entire neighborhood is lit up, becoming an almost welcoming place regardless of it being after hours. Gone are the creepy shadows, replaced by the soft glow that almost reminds us of Christmas, except without the downright festive atmosphere.

Keep in mind that this does increase light pollution, and you might have a few people who don’t like lights in their trees if they are right outside their window, but in limited amounts, it should be fine!