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Woman Shares How to Get Brand New Countertops for Under $150

We definitely would give this a shot.

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Each and every single one of us wants to save money wherever we can. This fact is more true now than ever before, and plenty of homeowners out there are looking to DIY projects that they might otherwise have splurged on, such as having someone come in and install new flooring or put up cabinets.

But now we are seeing more and more DIYers, and exactly what they are DIYing might just surprise you! Case in point, Jasmine from SoCal and her awesome countertop flip that will save you SO much money (while still looking like a million bucks!)


Never fear if you have ever despaired over adding new countertops to your kitchen space. You don’t have to drop big bucks just so have something that looks nice! In fact, you can totally revamp the look of your countertops for under two hundred dollars, at least according to Jasmine.

Jasmine shows off her DIY, starting by cleaning and removing anything ‘extra’ from her countertops, including the kitchen sink. No one wants to have to replace that as well, after all. Then lightly sand your counters, taking off that upper layer of plastic-y shine of the top coat.

Next off, this DIY does include some epoxy as well as paint, so do as Jasmine says and grab a pencil and paper and take down her notes for the mixes that she uses. She first puts down coats of white on the counters to create the base, then mixes up her epoxy before adding white dye to said mix.

This mix then gets poured over the countertops and smoothed out before Jasmine starts using a mix of different paint colors and feathers throughout the white epoxy. Doing so helps create that lovely granite look that is so totally ‘in’ right now. A heat gun is an extra tool that you can use to manipulate the ‘veins’, helping them look exactly the way you want them to.

Repeat throughout the entire space, let dry, and voila! Brand new countertops for cheap!

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