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Woman Documents Evidence House Is Haunted and the Videos Are Bone-Chilling

Since January, TikToker Tasha D. has been gathering video evidence her new farmhouse is haunted when activity began picking up after she and her husband began remodeling.

Embarking on a new house adventure is always a fun time. Unless of course your new home is crawling with spirits. Evidently for one family who picked up from the city to embrace farm life, that's exactly what their new house has.

In January 2021, TikToker Tasha D told her husband she wanted to start a pumpkin farm, so he bought a farm house with plenty of land to make the dream come true and moved them to a new town from the city. But after they got into the gorgeous home, they started noticed some things weren't quite right. 


After already sharing footage from their outdoor camera that seems like a mysterious streak of light was zooming around their house, the mom decided to "prove" to her followers she wasn't crazy. She grabbed her camera when a few days later a picture mysteriously fell on the floor and she happened to catch one of her French doors slamming shut on its own. Followers weren't totally convinced it wasn't the wind. Until she ended up sharing *another* weird video.

Weeks later, she claimed that every morning she'd wake up to find her cookbooks on the floor in the kitchen. While admitting it could be "just rodents," she herself wasn't convinced. So she set up her computer to record activity overnight and what it caught was actually pretty shocking. 


We watch the books fall and then seemingly be pushed off the counter. The creepiest part? The faint laughter in the background. When she tried to replace the items on the counter, leaving out toys, cups and a small book, only the little book was moved. Followers began singing a different tune, and even noticed a small orb moving across the counter, shaking a glass.

Ultimately, she had paranormal investigators stop by to either prove her theories or debunk her "imagination." The investigators noted that often times with remodels, ghost energy is kicked up because they don't approve of the renovations. 

For now she is hoping that once the renovations stop, the activity will too. We'll be following along for updates.