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Man Finds Wallet in the Street and What He Did Next Is Unbelievable

His karma is good!

It’s not an everyday moment when you’re walking down the street and happen to come across a wallet. In the event you do come across a missing wallet, when you check to see who it belongs to, do you return it to the lost and found, mail it to the individual, or attempt to deliver the wallet yourself? And if you do return it, do you return it with everything in tact, cash included?

While some people may return it, it’s unfortunate that sometimes the money is missing. However, this isn’t always the case, and this is proven in a recent TikTok video uploaded by @jaffycreeks who shows what this one passerby does with a wallet he stumbled across!


OMG. Can you imagine finding that wallet loaded with $1500? We love how he didn’t hesitate to ring the doorbell and show the owner that everything was still in tact. Not surprisingly, he wound up shocking the owner who was so touched by his honesty.

Many viewers in the comments shared the same sentiments, with one TikTok follower saying “He believes in karma. May God bless him, not many would have done the same.” However some viewers admitted they probably would've done the opposite. One follower said “I’d be honest, if I found $20 idk maybe I’d keep it, but a large amount is can only picture that much money was to pay a bill or something.”

For returning the wallet with all $1500 still there the owner thanked him by giving him $150. This proves that karma is good when you are!