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Mom Transforms Nightstand Into Adorable Play Kitchen On the Cheap

We would have loved this as a kid!

As a kid, I would mimic just about everything I seen my mom do. From folding laundry to magically holding my plastic phone between my ear and shoulder, while simultaneously cooking dinner in my play kitchen, I was my mom’s stunt double in my head.

Now that I’m a mom and I see my daughter following suit, I plan to do the same thing with her as my mom did with me.

However, I’m a lover of DIY projects and will make every attempt possible to try to make something myself before buying it.

Luckily, this TikTok mom @thethriftyseamstress recently uploaded a video showing us step-by-step how she transformed a thrifted nightstand into an adorable tiny play kitchen for her toddler daughter. It’s so cute and looks like it came straight from a store’s toy section!


First, she created the oven door by removing the nightstand drawer from its remaining parts and removed the handle from it as well. Next, she removed the beams from the inside of the drawer and proceeded to work on the kitchen’s sink in which she brilliantly used a dog bowl and a jack saw to cut a circle shape to hold the bowl and drilled holes to perfectly fit the sink’s faucet. After lightly sanding the entire nightstand, she used wood glue and screws to attach the wood board to the back of the stove and painted the entire project a vibrant aqua blue color. She then added a homemade curtain and attached the oven door before creating the stovetop. Finally, she added a modern backsplash and kitchen utensils to finish it off.

A TikTok user commented “This looks great! all in one video too!”

Honestly, we’re impressed with the amazing detail in such a short amount of time, too!