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Man Hysterically Calls Out Brother and His Wife For Having No Less Than 9 Christmas Trees

We haven’t even gotten our one up yet.

So we get it - there are a lot of you out there who absolutely love Christmas. As in you’ve been putting up decorations and goodies pretty much since the second that Halloween was over, ignoring the fact that there is at least one holiday in between the two.

And we love you guys for that! The sheer enthusiasm is enough to make us happy, even if we aren’t quite in the mood yet. Of course, sometimes you do take it just a little overboard, and we get to watch some delightful roasts such as when TikTok creator Lewis decided to roast his brother and sister-in-law for going a bit over the top when it comes to their Christmas decorations!


The video starts off with Lewis, and he is discussing just how many trees, just Christmas trees alone, his brother and brother’s wife have put up. If you want to take a guess you can, but we will just tell you that it is nine… Nine Christmas trees in a single household.

There is a Marvel-themed Christmas tree to start off with, complete with Captain America’s shield and a big Spiderman logo, a normal ‘ho-ho’ tree, as Lewis calls it, a dining room tree, another by the landing, and several more. Literally in almost every single room or space there is another tree, and the fact of the matter is - there is still room, and time, for more to go up!

Now, we don’t want to judge too strongly, and if it makes them happy then that is all that matters, but hopefully, they don’t have to stick presents under each of those because that would be a little much!

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