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Woman Shares Amazing Hack to Whiten Dirty Shoes Without Using Bleach

Never use bleach on your white shoes again!

I love a good pair of clean white tennis shoes. You can easily style them with a cute summer dress and they look just as great worn with a pair of denim shorts and a tucked in basic t-shirt. I can’t forget to mention that they’re perfect for all year round wear, too. However, as much as I can appreciate a classic pair of fresh white kicks, my biggest trepidation with purchasing white shoes, is how dirty they can get (and of course, they will get dirty).

In the past I would use bleach to try and get them to their bright white appearance but would often end up with yellow stains and as a result, I vowed to no longer purchase all white or majority white shoes anymore. However, after coming across this cleantok gem of a video from TikTok user @loltararae I’ve changed my mind. Her hack amazingly transformed dirty white shoes into the bright white appearance we all appreciate — and she didn’t use any bleach!


We would’ve never thought to try this hack before but after seeing it, we definitely want to give it a try on a few items in our home. And it’s so simple! All she did was place the shoes in the washer with a laundry detergent pod and the secret ingredient - a bunch of Melamine sponges. After washing the shoes and removing them from the washer, we’re met with bright white shoes.

People in the comments section question if this hack is safe to use in the washing machine, but were still amazed by the before and after appearance of the shoes! Would you try this hack?