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Woman Doesn't Use Toilet Paper and Uses This Instead…

You know...we weren't expecting this, but this isn't a bad idea…

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It seems like quite a bit of people are opting out of using toilet paper nowadays. For some non-users, they choose to not use toilet paper simply because they don’t like how toilet paper doesn’t make them feel as clean as they would like to feel. For people like this, you may want to adapt this cleaning practice of this TikTok user @smithxscotty14's wife.


Rather than use toilet paper, she uses water in a cup to wash her parts after using the restroom to get a better clean. In the video, she explains that the cup she keeps on her toilet lid is specifically for washing her private parts after husband jokingly tells her he was going to use it to wash out his mouth. She further explains she’s always does this because she feels like toilet paper doesn’t really “wipe everything.” Of course, another feasible option to this is to get a bidet, however, in the meantime, this apparently works just fine according to their followers and viewers in the comment section.

“She is Filipino lol I grew up doing the same,” @elliezombielover wrote. “I’m Dominican and do this too, LOL. I have a plastic cup hiding under the sink,” @_melodyiish shared. “I’m sooo grateful ll for being Muslim cuz that’s what we do!!!” @sa7r_ss commented.

What do you think of this cleaning method?

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